Stories by Imbox Protection

Close up of football shoes kicking to a football


Care tips: How to prolong life of football shoes

Learn how to clean and maintain your football shoes to prolong their lifetime.

Clean and dirty white sneakers


Care tips: 3 Easy steps to clean white sneakers

A quick guide with 3 easy steps to clean your white sneakers and keep them white. Protect them against dirt, water and stains.

View of three IMBOXs standing next to eachother in the forrest at night with spotlight behind them


What is IMBOX?

Get the answers to your questions. Explore our company, the IMBOX machine, the footwear treatment and our all-inclusive concept.

Sandals laying in the sand next to a bag, sun hat and blanket


Sandal season is finally here

Understand, why you need to protect your sandals and summer shoes from water, colour fading and dust in the summer.

Runner in blue sportswear standing in the snowy street and stretching out


New Year's resolutions

A new year brings a multitude of countless opportunities to grow, change and rediscover yourself once again. Find out how to ke...

Three black IMBOX Originals with text above and logo


Shortage of talented workers in retail

IMBOX provides an excellent opportunity to help footwear retailers add a service to the store that will engage customers withou...

Halloween sketch of the moon with text above


Halloween tips

Halloween celebration ideas!

Person in brown boots walking in the forest at fall


Care tips - boots

Protect your shoes from salt, rain, snow, and mud. Regardless of the forecast, you can count that IMBOXed boots will last!

Black Friday in white text with black friday written in fadded black text above and under


Black Friday x IMBOX

Incorporating IMBOX treatments as part of your Black Friday strategy is an excellent way to increase the revenue without adding...

A person measures and draws on sneaker


Improving the customer experience with customization

Creating an engaging and consistent customer experience is essential in today's retail. Especially with the modern, tech-savvy...

App showcasing new how to use technology for creating customer experiences in store



The rise of e-commerce is constantly creating new shopping behaviour. With the technological evolution at full speed, business...