Season: How to protect shoes for winter

Winter is here! It’s time to shield your winter shoes from the unpredictable elements. Rain, snow, sun and everything in between. The winter months demand robust protection to ensure your footwear withstands the changes ahead.

Whether it's your sturdy winter boots, sleek leather shoes or cozy wool-lined sneakers, each pair deserves proper protection to withstand the harsh winter conditions.

Winter can throw surprises at us making it essential to invest in measures that keep them safe and stylish. But with IMBOX your winter shoes, boots or sneakers are ready to take on whatever comes their way. The treatment is not only protecting against water, but also snow, salt and dirt. 

When it comes to easy, professional protection, IMBOXing your shoes is the ultimate solution.

Benefits of IMBOXing: Fast, safe and PFAS-free

IMBOX is a fast, all-around treatment that takes less than a minute, ensuring convenience in your shoe care routine. The treatment is PFAS-free, prioritizing safety with any excess particles efficiently collected in an active coal filter. The efficiency of the treatment allows you to wear your freshly protected shoes immediately, adding a layer of ease to the process.

The world's only in-store footwear protection

Protection and preserving footwear shouldn’t be difficult but rather easy and convenient.

  1. Fast: It takes less than a minute to apply the treatment.
  2. Easy: Give your shoes to the store staff, and they’ll start the treatment.
  3. All-round: IMBOX protects against water, dirt, sun’s UV rays and much more.

One of IMBOX’s standout features is its versatility. It isn’t limited to a specific season or element – it’s a year-round solution for comprehensive shoe protection.

IMBOX safeguards your shoes from water and dirt as well as prevents colur fading. This all-round protection ensures that your different types of footwear for the entire year can stay protected from the weather elements, whether it's summer sandals, sneakers, sport shoes, winter boots or anything in between, IMBOX is the ultimate shoe protection treatment.

The winter weather challenges

Winter introduces unique challenges, and taking care of your winter shoes becomes a must. Dry and cozy feet in winter are a game-changer for overall comfort. Plus, ensuring your shoes last longer is crucial. Winter conditions can be tough on footwear, with rain, mud, hail, and snow putting materials to the test. That's why proper protection is the key to making your shoes last through the season and beyond.

Taking care of your winter shoes isn't just about making them last longer; it's also about staying safe. With all the rain and snow, slippery sidewalks can be a real hazard, so having good shoes is key to avoiding any embarrassing slips.

It's not just about safety – keeping your kicks in tip-top shape also saves you some cash by avoiding those pricey shoe replacements. So, why not show your shoes some love this winter? It's a win-win for your wallet and your peace of mind.

Winter protection for kids wear

Proper footwear for children is vital for ensuring their well-being and supporting their lifestyles. As children’s feet are continuously developing, it is crucial to keep a vigilant eye on their footwear choices.

From those first baby steps to energetic play in the playground, climbing trees, kicking a ball on the field, or leisurely hanging around in the park – every activity places specific demands on their footwear.

Understanding and addressing these diverse needs is essential to ensure that children’s shoes fit comfortably and provide the necessary support and protection for each stage of their active journey.

IMBOX before putting shoes away

Get your shoes ready for storage by giving them an IMBOX treatment before tucking them away for the warmer months. As we transition into the season of sunshine, it's time to bid farewell to those cozy winter boots and make space for breezy canvas shoes and sandals. But before you stash them in the back of your closet, consider giving them a little extra love with an IMBOX treatment.

Even while they're in storage, the IMBOX protection remains intact, keeping your shoes in top-notch condition for when the weather cools down again. So, why not take a moment to IMBOX them now? It's a simple step that ensures your shoes will be good to go when you need them most, whether it's a rainy day or a chilly evening. It will undoubtedly become a self-appreciated choice in the future.

Where to IMBOX?

IMBOXing your winter shoes is a straightforward process. Find the nearest IMBOX location here and experience a game-changing treatment trusted by leading retailers worldwide.

With a presence in over 7,500 stores across the US, Europe, and Asia, IMBOX delivers more than 30 million treatments annually, thanks to its efficacy and the confidence it instils in users seeking superior shoe protection.

Prepare your winter shoes for the challenges ahead with IMBOX, the efficient and game-changing solution for year-round footwear care. Don’t just face winter, but step into it with confidence, knowing your shoes are equipped for the season’s weather trials. IMBOX ensures that your winter shoes are protected and ready to make a statement in every step you take this season.


Elevate your shoe game this winter