Game-changing footwear protection technology

IMBOX was created to better the world of footwear protection and to be safe for people and planet. IMBOX Protection is both a growth driver and a competitive advantage for your business, providing you with the possibility of offering your customers professional footwear protection.

The best and easiest protection of footwear on the market

With more than 7,500 IMBOXs already serving millions of consumers across the world, we are well established. However, we aim to fulfil our vision of becoming the World’s best and most innovative protection system for all that you wear.

IMBOX Flagship

8 reasons to integrate IMBOX in your business strategy


Additional profitable income for your business


Increase foot traffic in-store


Minimal environmental impact


Increase sale of complementary products 


Professional footwear protection


High turnover


Competitive advantage


Easy and fast

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We design, develop, and manufacture our patented products in Denmark

The IMBOX is designed, developed and manufactured in Denmark. It is approved according to strict Danish standards and legislation. The IMBOX has been tested and approved according to high safety and effect.

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IMBOX Protection is an in-store shoe protection service offered in-store. The simple plug-and-play solution provides you with the possibility to offer your customers premium quality footwear protection right in your stores.

The IMBOX Flagship is easy to use. Simply place the footwear in the machine, select the program, and in less than 2 minutes, the shoes are ready to wear. The machine works by spraying the shoes inside a chamber, ensuring even coverage.

If you want to see how it is done, watch this short video showing the process.

There are currently more than 7000 IMBOXs in 33 countries. Use our store locator to find the nearest IMBOX.

If you would like to make the IMBOX part of your assortment, you can contact us here.

You can also get a personalized business case calculated by our product specialists.