Care tips: How to prolong life of football shoes

With football season upon us, whether you're a striker, defender, goalkeeper, benchwarmer or water boy, the right gear is non-negotiable. Football shoes are your ultimate game-changers.

Your boots are the voice you need when the referee kicks off the match.


Football shoes aren't just footwear; they're your connection to the game.

The right pair can be the difference between a perfect strike and a missed opportunity, a game-changing save and a near miss.

Engineered for peak performance, they offer the grip, balance, and agility needed for excellence.

When finding and playing in the perfect pair for your football season, it's important to keep those in top shape for you to dominate the pitch.

Young striker shooting at goal


Football boots can quickly lose their lustre on a muddy pitch, especially in changing weather conditions. Rain and icy winds can be particularly harsh in Northern Europe and America.

After intense training or a match, cleaning your boots might not be a top priority, but it's a simple step to ensure they last the season and support your performance.

Maintaining your football shoes is easy. Follow the steps below to prolong the lifetime of your football shoes. 

If you just bought your football shoes:

  1. Visit an IMBOX location.
  2. Give your boots the IMBOX treatment.
  3. Your brand-new protected football shoes are ready for action.

For worn shoes, add these steps:

  1. Clean your boots thoroughly, removing dirt and grass.
  2. Wash your shoelaces using a delicate program in your washing machine.
  3. Find a nearby IMBOX.
  4. Treat your boots to the quick IMBOX process.

What is the IMBOX treatment?

IMBOX is an in-store treatment that protects your football shoes and other shoes in under a minute, making them protected against water, dirt, and colour fading.

The IMBOX treatment is allergy-certified and can be used for other shoes than your football boots like sandals and boots

If you're curious about how the IMBOX treatment works, you can learn more about it below.