In-store shoe protection service

IMBOX is a plug-and-play complete shoe protection solution that allows you to dedicate yourself to your core business.

With IMBOX, you get a profitable service for your stores, adding value for you and your customers.

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IMBOX is trusted by retailers from some of the world's biggest brands.





+30 Mio.

Treatments a year

IMBOX Flagship

The globally patented IMBOX Flagship is our newest development of the in-store shoe protection solution. The brand-new technology provides professional footwear protection along with an upgraded, unique in-store experience. The treatment itself remains safe, quick and easy to use.

Organic footwear protection

Our uniquely developed fluid is water-based, giving a completely organic protection. The innovative technology ensures a precise spray process, minimizing waste. The IMBOX treatment protects footwear from water, dirt, stains, salt, and color fading from UV rays or strong indoor lighting.

In-store experience

IMBOX enables your stores to showcase videos on the 24” promotional display on the IMBOX, offering an exclusive in-store experience. Like with IMBOX Original, the treatment takes place in the closed box. The integrated camera inside the IMBOX Flagship adds further opportunity to display the treatment being applied.


The globally patented IMBOX Original has served millions of consumers in stores all across Europe for years. The IMBOX is the only in-store footwear protection service on the market. The treatment takes place in a closed box – the IMBOX – in the shoe stores, and the IMBOX is completely safe to use. The treatment takes less than a minute, and the footwear is ready to wear immediately after. 

Superior quality

Our uniquely developed formulation ensures professional protection, which prolongs the lifetime of the footwear. The IMBOX professional protection makes footwear become water and dirt-repellent, protects against stains, protects from damages, and color fading from UV rays.

Allergy certified treatment

The IMBOX liquid is 100% FREE from carcinogenics, Nanotechnology and other harmful substances. The IMBOX treatment process is allergy certified, and there has never been an allergic reaction related to the IMBOX in any way, shape or form.



Receive a business case tailored for your stores. 

No strings attached.


The IMBOX is quick and easy to use.

  1. Place the shoes in the machine.
  2. Close the door.
  3. Select the program.

The treatment takes less than 90 seconds, and the shoes are ready to wear right after.

If you would like to see how the shoe treatment is done, this short video displays the process.

All shoes will benefit from the IMBOX treatment. Only rubber boots and shoes made entirely from patent leather will not get an effect from the treatment.

The IMBOX treatment protects footwear from the elements of everyday life. The IMBOX treatment not only protects your shoes from water and dirt but also color fading from the sun and stains from food, beverages, salt and much more. Therefore, both outdoor and indoor shoes, like slippers or party shoes, will benefit from the IMBOX treatment. The fluid is colourless, making it possible to treat and protect white shoes.

The IMBOX treatment protects shoes from rain, dirt, stains, color fading, etc. It does not clean the shoes, but it helps them stay protected and prolongs their lifetime.

If you would like to know how the IMBOX might benefit your business, you can request a free demonstration with one our product specialists.

The protection lasts up to 6 weeks. We recommend repeating the treatment to benefit fully from the solution after the given time.