Stadium x IMBOX Protection

Sport & Outdoor

190 retail stores

3 Nordic countries

3500 employees

Stadium is one of the largest sports chains in the Nordic region that offers a variety of active footwear, clothing, and accessories in over 190 physical stores. Stadium’s passion for an active lifestyle is rooted in a daring approach to challenge, develop and find new ways to activate the world. With this mindset, it was only a matter of time before the Swedish retailer tested IMBOX Protection and fully implemented it in all its stores.

Stadium chose to collaborate with IMBOX because it strengthens the customer experience and improves customer satisfaction. Being able to offer a treatment that increases durability and protects the footwear and its fabric in an easy, quick and safe way is a unique opportunity to engage with the visitors and enhance their in-store experience.

 “The customers were very impressed with this machine, and we quickly noticed that the word spread because they came back with another pair of shoes from home, asking if they could protect them as well. And, of course, they could.

Carolina Jordan, Store Manager


During the trial period, Stadium placed the IMBOX machines at the cash register. As a result, it is easier to offer protection to all customers who buy shoes. This includes those who prefer to browse the store without interacting with store staff until checkout.

 “We chose a few selected stores to test if IMBOX is the tool that can help us improve our customers’ experience. We saw that it was effective, qualitative and affordable protection that we could offer our customers.”

Samuel Frick, Sales Support

It only takes less than a minute to treat footwear, which enhances optimal workflow - in that time, store assistants can scan, register payment, and pack other products in a logical order. Besides everything else, this is a great time to engage with customers. In addition to protecting footwear from stains, water, colour fading, and more, IMBOX makes it easier for the store staff to initiate a dialogue with a variety of shoppers.



Stadium appreciated and benefitted from the assistance of the IMBOX team in following up, refilling, and servicing the footwear protection machines throughout the entire time.

“From day one, we see that the collaboration with IMBOX has been absolutely fantastic. Everything, from customer support when a question arises about the machine to refill and follow up, has been excellent. The IMBOX solution helps both Stadium and our customers with a sustainable product, which is why we look forward to many years of cooperation with IMBOX.”

Samuel Frick, Sales Support

The all-inclusive concept is a significant part of IMBOX’s core business. All IMBOX partners are supported by local service providers who ensure that machines are delivered, installed, and always well-maintained. Furthermore, IMBOX provides sales training and marketing materials that explain store staff and customers about footwear protection, ensuring that stores receive maximum benefits from the solution.