“The IMBOX service has had an excellent impact on our overall accessory sales.

The convenience and protection offered by IMBOX make it possible for us to provide our customers with a more complete service experience without adding complexity at the point of sale.

The training and support provided by IMBOX to our store teams have been valuable in driving not only IMBOX sales but also keeping up the focus on sales of aerosols. Overall the service has been well received all year round, and it can only have a positive effect on customer loyalty.”

The Buying Team

About Deichmann Group: Deichmann was founded in 1913 and is Europe's largest shoe retailer, active in 31 countries. 


“[...] Choosing IMBOX and working together was based on the fact that IMBOX is a tool that can help us improve our customers' experience. The new protection provides our customers with efficient and high-quality protection that increases durability and keeps moisture and dirt away from their products, thereby extending the life of their brand-new shoes.

We have been delighted from day one with IMBOX’s collaboration. Everything, from customer support when a question arises about the machine to refill and follow up, has been excellent. Imbox is a tool that both helps us and also helps our customers get a sustainable product, which is why we look forward to many years of cooperation." 

Samuel Frick, Sales Supporter

Increasing footfall in stores

[...] IMBOX has become an important part of that story; ensuring that our customers not only select the correct footwear but offering them an environmentally-friendly protection system that allows them to extend the useful life of their footwear.

Since the introduction of the Imbox protection system across our stores we have seen a significant uptake across both outdoor and running footwear; our customers appreciate the convenience of having their footwear protected at the point of sale and the opportunity to, periodically, return for further treatment to continue to protect their investment. From our perspective this also gives our customers a reason to return to store.

The roll out of IMBOX units across our stores was easily managed with support from the IMBOX team which included seamless delivery and installation along with ongoing training support from their aftersales team. The project has been a partnership between IMBOX and ourselves which continues to deliver success.”

Andrew White,
Outdoor & Cycle Concepts LTD

About Outdoor & Cycle Concepts: Outdoor & Cycle Concepts (O&CC) is the largest outdoor retailer in the UK, comprising of the well-known high street brands Snow+Rock, Cotswold Outdoor, and Runners Need.


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“As a part of the all-inclusive IMBOX experience, our store managers and summer staff have participated in thorough training in using the IMBOX. During the sessions, the store staff received not only an introduction to IMBOX and how to communicate the service, but they were also able to ask questions to understand how it works.

Now, the staff feel very confident in offering IMBOX to the customers, and as a result, the amount of sold treatments has grown significantly after the training.

Thanks to the close collaboration with the IMBOXs Customer Success Manager, setting up an informal training that lasted around an hour was a smooth process that benefitted our store staff. The more our employees understand the IMBOX, the more confident they are in selling the service, which we have seen has a big impact on increasing our revenue.”

Helen Asplind, Retail Manager

About SPORTSHOPEN: It was founded in 1991 and is one of the biggest retailers of leisure clothes, shoes, and sports equipment in Sweden. 

Adding extra value to customers

“IMBOX is a unique customer service that gives our stores a competitive edge. It’s a professional service that we offer all our customers in our stores. […] Additional turnover and customer loyalty is what our company strives for and having the IMBOX in stores has helped us maintain this, with adding extra value to the customers.”

Albert Setzger, Sales manager

About Salamander: Founded in 1904. Today Salamander has one of the leading positions in the market for fashionable shoes and accessories. 

Moving online customers into physical stores

“At Humanic, we’ve been dedicated shoe traders for more than a century, continuously developing our business, and always providing excellent customer service.

IMBOX is a one-of-a-kind shoe protection and is a very convenient service for the customer. It has been an important part of our business and has proven to be a valuable addition that increases our customers’ shopping experience, and our stores' accessories sales and profitability.

IMBOX is a fantastic tool to overcome one of today’s big challenges, to move the Internet customers into our physical stores, and it also comes with the benefit of being highly profitable as well as boosting the sale of accessories in general. IMBOX is an important part of Humanic´s future, boosting our profit and strengthening our relations with our customers."

Michaela Huber, Product Manager Accessories

About HUMANIC: Founded in 1872 in Germany. The shoe chain also has more than 100 years of experience in shoe production. 


“IMBOX is providing our customers with a unique opportunity to prolong the life of their footwear.

Bringing this service into all of our stores as well as our warehouse means that we can offer a thorough shoe protection across all of our omni touchpoints in a seamless customer journey.”

Aleksander Nilsson, Head of Tech. Development & Omni-channel

About SportmasterSportmaster is the largest sports retailer in Denmark as well as one of the largest sports and outdoor retailers in Europe. Not only offering a wide range of sport and outdoor equipment but also working actively to support and promote local health.

Increase in Sales

"We got an IMBOX at the end of November 2017 and this has proven to be a great addition to our shop that gives our customers a better service as well as additional income for us.

The IMBOX shoe protection makes sense for every kind of shoes, no matter if Sneaker, Trekking or Running shoes and ever since we have offered the Imbox service to every shoe customer, sales have gone up. In our first month alone we sold more than 600 treatments - fantastic additional sales.”

Jon Valli

About INTERSPORT Group: Founded in 1968. The international sports retailer is active in more than 43 countries. 

Additional sales also in the summertime

“IMBOX is a fantastic way of getting additional sales also during warm weather and summertime. The sale of IMBOX shoe protection is continuously growing even when it is +28 C° outside.

Normally, we have a hard time selling aerosols in the summertime, but IMBOX being a service - changed this. And when the customers have invested in their industrial protection, they are more likely to buy an aerosol to bring home with them.”

Ninna Tækker Hansen,
Store Manager, Skoringen

An additional turnover

”The Imbox gives as obviously a significant additional turnover! This new tool breathes new life into our store! Our customers are starting to come back to the store to put their shoes in the IMBOX again, they take a quick tour of the store, and we are making extra turnover!

This is positive for us and for our customers who find it practical that the IMBOX Treatment is done in-store and are satisfied with the reliability of this product over time.”

François Lemaire,
Manager, Chaussexpo Masny

”Since the arrival of the IMBOX on our site, we have an additional tool to increase our average basket, our item basket and therefore our turnover. It is also an additional tool for building customer loyalty and winning over new customers. In addition, our image as a footwear professional is reinforced by this new service.

Finally, IMBOX is a safe and environmentally friendly service, which gives us the status of a "green" company.”

Charly Maillet,
Manager, Chaussexpo Sierentz

About CHAUSSEXPO: Founded in 1815 in France, and is one of the oldest footwear retailers in Europe.

New revenue stream

”IMBOX is a convenient and easy in-store service. We have experienced a significantly higher conversion rate with IMBOX than expected, with customers saying yes to having their shoes protected.

The IMBOX service has been easy to offer for the sales staff from day 1. We have received great support from the IMBOX team in terms of getting started. The machines were delivered and installed in our stores, ready to use immediately.

The IMBOX team also provided support in teaching our staff how to incorporate the service into our everyday sales.

IMBOX has truly added a completely new revenue stream to Wynsors without decreasing sales in other product categories; on the contrary.”

Danny Bergin,
Sales Manager, Wynsors

About Courtesy Shoes Ltd.: Courtesy Shoes Ltd (trading as Wynsors World of Shoes) was established in 1956 and has grown from a handful of small high street stores to a leading UK family footwear retailer.


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