Season: How to protect shoes for the summer

We’ve been waiting for so long. And finally, the sandal season is here. Whether it’s drinks with friends, barbecue in the park, exploring vibrant markets or dancing at a muddy festival, summer days are for creating memories outdoors with friends and families.

But a dark cloud can overshadow these fantastic memories if the shoes get dirty or damaged. This disappointment cannot be described in words. Therefore, it is essential for all shoe enthusiasts, sneakerheads or anyone wanting to take care of their summer footwear to have a proper shoe protection routine.

Take care of your summer shoes

As the sunny weather beckons us to stay outside more, winter boots are replaced with sandals, canvas shoes and sneakers. Most summer shoes are often made from more sensitive material and are more delicate regarding the weather.

Nothing can beat the summer fun as ruined shoes; After just a few days outside, white sneakers quickly become too old to look at. Grass and muddy puddles stick on the shoes and fade out the colour in time. The harsh sun also changed colourful sandals. Sand, ice cream and drinks stick to sandals and quietly ruin the material. Sweat stains and black prints on the inner soles from saltwater leave unsightly marks.

For these reasons, it is important to take proper care of your summer shoes and prepare them for the summer weather. How can you do it easily and properly?

The answer is simple; IMBOX them.

Protect your summer shoes with imbox

IMBOX is an innovative and effective way to protect your shoes, offered as an in-store service that takes less than a minute. IMBOX is the easy, convenient, and professional way to ensure that your summer shoes – or any other shoes for that matter – will withstand any weather challenges.

IMBOX ensures that your summer shoes keep their fresh appearance, and you will prolong the life and quality of the shoe.

The treatment is Allergy-certified, PFAS-free and further the liquid is 100% free from carcinogens and Nanotechnology. This is a part of our promise to you, that you safely can wear the newly IMBOXed shoes without worrying.

The shoes will be placed inside the IMBOX machine where the treatment will proceed. A layer with the IMBOX treatment is sprayed evenly on the shoes. Covering the shoes inside a chamber further ensures safety.

Discover more about the IMBOX treatment and how the machine works right here.

Why is IMBOX an innovative and effective way of protecting?









What does IMBOX protect against?

IMBOX distinguishes itself from other aerosols on various levels. First, it’s an in-store service that takes place in the shoe stores. Second, it’s done professionally, ensuring the treatment will be carried out correctly and give the desired effect.

Another way that IMBOX distinguishes itself from other protection products on the market is that it does not only protect against water but several other weather elements, making it an all-year treatment.

Professional shoe protection for every season

The IMBOX treatment protects against water and colour fading from the sun’s UV rays. This means that your white sneakers can keep their bright shine throughout the summer. Sandals and wedges can withstand stains from ice cream and colourful drinks.

During the windy autumn months, loafers and boots are safeguarded against rainy showers and dirty mud puddles.

Your winter boots and other winter shoes will withstand salt from the snowy salty roads in the frosty winter.

Throughout the spring you don’t have to worry about grass stains on your football boots or shifting weather for your sneakers, as the innovative formula keeps your shoes dry and makes their appearance look fresh as new season after season.

Most footwear can use the IMBOX treatment from Adidas Handball Spezial, ASICS GEL to Jordan 4 Retro and Nike Dunk Low.

But some shoes, such as rubber shoes and Crocs, won’t get the desired effect.

How to protect your old summer shoes

Have you purchased your new summer footwear and already used them? Don’t worry. You can always IMBOX your shoes – brand new or already worn.

Bring your shoes to any store with an IMBOX and ask the knowledgeable staff for help. Your “old” shoes will be ready to face the summer challenges in under a minute. 

You can always find the nearest IMBOX using our IMBOX Locator.

What is IMBOX?

IMBOX is designed and produced by the Danish company Imbox Protection. It’s the world’s only in-store shoe protection service and is available in more than 33 countries across Europe, the U.S. and Asia in more than 7,500 stores. The quick and efficient protection serves more than 30 million treatments each year.

Get to know IMBOX a little bit more.

Prolong the life of your summer shoes

By IMBOXing your summer shoes your shoes will prolong their life - both when it comes to appearance and quality.

As earlier mentioned, IMBOX covers your shoes with a technologically innovative formula that protects against water, dirt, stains and colour fading from the sun’s UV rays. IMBOX safeguards your shoes and feet at the same time.

But the benefits of IMBOX are beyond just premium protection. Making your shoes last for a longer time can save you money in the long run.

Locate an IMBOX

IMBOXing is easy. Use our IMBOX locater to find a shoe store closest to you that offers the IMBOX service.
Remember that whether you want your summer shoes – new or old – IMBOXed, they need to be clean.

If you are IMBOXing your old shoes, remove dirt using a brush, rinse with water or use a shoe cleaner. This way, the IMBOX treatment can be applied correctly and ensure the ultimate protection.

So take your favourite sneakers, sandals, or any other footwear you use, down to our partner at get them IMBOXed to be ready to face weather challenges and enjoy a worry-free summer.