Care tips: Boots protection

The arrival of boot season is here. And it is an exciting time, as it opens up a world of countless possibilities like Chelsea, tall combat and snot boots. There's a style to suit every taste and need. 

However, to ensure that these boots provide the comfort and warth necessary for the fall chill, they require a little extra care and protection. 

Boots, regardless of style or age, are essential footwear choices from kids to adults. Wether you're reviving your favorite par from last season or stepping out in brand-new boots for this year, it's time to level up your boot game. A well-maintained and adequately protected pari of boots not only enhances your style but also ensures longevity and comfort throughout the season.

Longvity and readiness

Investing in well-protected boots isn't just about keeping your footwear in top shape for one season, but it's a strategy that can extend their lifespan. With IMBOX, you have access to a unique and allergy-friendly solution to safeguard your beloved fall and winter shoes.

The IMBOX treatment lasts up to six weeks more compared to other treatments. It repels salt, water, mud and other contaminant, ensuring your boots remain clean and free from damage.

The best part is regardless of the type of boots you own, the IMBOX treatment ensures they'll withstand the test of time. IMBOX your suede Chelsea boots, your cool cowboy boots or your edgy leather boots. 

How to protect your boots

    Shield your shoes from salt, rain, mud and snow with IMBOX. Our treatments are built to withstand any forecast ensuring they stand the test of time.

    In colder weather as in the fall and winter season, moisturize leather boots to maintain shine and color.

    Use a boot sharper or a boot tree to maintain tall and over-the-knee boots to prevent the heel creasing.

Where to IMBOX?

IMBOXing is made easy for you. You can find one of our innovative and ease-of-use boxes at one of our partners. Worldwide we're in more than 7,000 stores across 33 countries. 

Our boxes protect boots, sandals and other footwear on a daily basis providing more than 30 mio. treatment a year. It's easy to find one of our boxes, just use our locater and ask the knowledge store staff to help you. 

In just a minute, your boots are IMBOXed and ready to take on any weather, ensuring you look effortlessly stylish whenever you go.

Allergy-certified and concious choice

One of IMBOXs standout features is that the treatment is allergy-certified

The IMBOX treatment takes place inside the box meaning that any excess particles are collected in an active coal filter in the box.

The liquid used in the treatment is 100% free from carcinogens and harmful nanotechnology. Not only are you protecting your boots in a more allergy-friendly way, but you're also safeguarding your health.


The IMBOX treatment protects your shoes in everyday life. The shoe protection spray creates a protective layer that shields the shoes from rain, dirt, snow, salt, bleaching from the sun, and much more.

Yes – the IMBOX is completely safe to use for both employees and customers.

The IMBOX machine has been tested and approved according to high standards regarding health and safety.

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