How to make children's shoes last longer

Being a parent can make it difficult to keep up with our children’s energetic adventures. They are constantly on the move. As toddlers, they learn to walk and explore the new world, as kids they play around with their friends and as teenagers, they experiment with life and boundaries.  

If you want your children’s shoes to last more than a crazy outing, you can give them some extra attention before they are used, by giving them the IMBOX treatment. Ensuring that children’s shoes are protected extends the life of their footwear and supports the health and comfort of their growing feet.

Children playing in the woods

Getting the basic right

Before we dive into protection, let’s start with the basics: Choosing the right shoes.

Balancing style and practicality are key. Depending on their age, influencing children and their footwear choices may be a breeze or a challenge.

Nonetheless, opt for materials that not only showcase style but also allow breathability, keeping your child's feet comfortable during their energetic adventures. Consider the room for growth as well. Children's feet are in a constant state of evolution, so choose shoes that offer ample space for their feet to expand naturally. As children often tumble around or set out seeking new adventures, their footwear should support these activities through flexibility, breathability, and comfort.

Often, the correlation between price and quality holds true. While investing in quality shoes might seem like a significant upfront cost, it pales in comparison to the potential expense of replacing easily tarnished or dirtied footwear.

Regardless of the price tag, once you've identified the perfect pair, it's time to unveil the magic of professional protection, ensuring that your child's footwear not only looks good but also stands the test of time against the elements.

Experience a carefree day with IMBOX

Once you or your kid have secured the right pair, that will take them to their next adventure, it's time to introduce the winning pair to the transformative power of professional protection - The IMBOX experience.

Choosing IMBOX for your child's shoes goes beyond extending the life of their footwear; it's about nurturing every bond, skip, and hop throughout the adventurous journey of childhood. Because childhood is a series of unforgettable moments, and IMBOX ensures their shoes are ready for every magical step along the way.

The IMBOX advantage

IMBX is a groundbreaking in-store treatment crafted to shield your children's shoes from the elements. While it may sound too good to be true, it isn't. 

Establishing a protective shield that repels water, the treatment is transforming rainy days and puddle jumps into stress-free adventures as a parent. The innovative treatment goes beyond mere water resistance; it acts as a barrier against dirt and stains, ensuring that your children’s shoes remain cleaner for an extended period. The color fading resistance guarantees that the vibrancy of the shoes persists, even after numerous wears, and throughout the year. 

Designed and developed in Denmark and Germany, creates a game-changing service that provides the best care for your child's footwear.

The treatment is crafted to be gentle, allergy-friendly, and quick-drying, allowing your child to wear their shoes immediately after treatment. With IMBOX, there's no waiting time, no worries – just safe and ready-to-wear footwear for your little one's next adventure.

Woman putting sneakers in the IMBOX machine

Tips for children shoes maintenance

Shielding your children's shoes goes beyond the transformative IMBOX treatment; it extends to a simple yet effective maintenance routine.

Encourage your children to remove any excess dirt. For stubborn stains, a quick wipe with a damp cloth does wonders. These small efforts ensure that their shoes not only endure but thrive under the safeguard of IMBOX.

Personalized labels are a game-changer for children known for returning home with only one shoe. A simple tag or label on each shoe ensures that the solitary owner finds its way back home completing the pair.

Stay proactive against unpleasant odors by placing a tip of baking soda on each shoe sole. This efficiently absorbs moisture, keeping the shoes fresh and odour-free.

Step into a new day with shoes that feel fresh by placing them outside overnight in a dry area. Finish up your shoe care routine by incorporating regular cleaning and polishing. A well-maintained shoe is a comfortable and long-lasting companion.

Where to IMBOX children's shoes?

Bring your child’s shoes to any of our numerous IMBOX locations. Within a minute, they'll undergo a transformative treatment, ready for the next adventure. This hassle-free solution seamlessly integrates into your busy family schedule, providing a convenient and efficient way to care for your child's footwear.

Discovering an IMBOX has never been simpler. With over 7,000 innovative boxes worldwide, spanning 33 countries, our network makes it easy and convenient for you. Simply use our IMBOX-locater tool or seek assistance from the knowledgeable store staff at your local footwear store.

IMBOX for every age at any time

The IMBOX treatment knows no seasonal boundaries, offering comprehensive protection against water, dirt and color fading. This versatility extends to footwear for all ages, making it the ideal choice for your family's diverse shoe collection.

Whether it's your summer sandals, winter boots, or white sneakers, bring them in to get IMBOXed and elevate their protection against the elements.

Bring in your favorite pairs, and let IMBOX elevate your shoe care to a new level, making every season worry-free for your footwear.