IMBOX: Innovative footwear protection

IMBOX Protection was set into the world to create footwear protection safe for the people and the planet. With an innovative approach, IMBOX provides premium protection for retailers to give them a competitive advantage to scale their business and increase customer experience.

The globally patented IMBOX, is the world’s only in-store shoe protection, easy to use and has minimal environmental impact.

To understand how the IMBOX treatment, machine and company work dive into our innovative world of footwear protection.

What is IMBOX?

IMBOX is an in-store shoe protection service offered by the IMBOX Protection. The IMBOX treatment helps the shoes stay protected in everyday life and prolong their lifetime.

Through a protection layer that shields the shoes, the shoes become repellent of dirt, rain and salt. Furthermore, the shoes become protected from bleaching from the sun, making it the optimal protection for all year.

IMBOX Protection is the company that provides globally patented IMBOXs. Based in Denmark with design, development and production, we support our customers in working towards a better, more professional and more environmentally friendly way to create a seamless customer experience and increase traffic in-store.

We want to provide footwear protection easily and more eco friendly that both stores and customers benefit from. Understand our way of working, company and values here.

Could IMBOX be the next step for you?

Thanks to the plug-and-play solution, it’s quick and easy to use the IMBOX machine. Our goal is to create seamless customer experience and solutions that maximize your benefit.

Let us help you today through a personalised demonstration of the IMBOX - for free and without any attachments. Just for you to see how your business can benefit from the IMBOX treatment.

What happens inside the IMBOX machine?

The shoes are placed in the chamber of the IMBOX where the treatment takes place. The six nozzles inside the machine provide the footwear with an even coating.

The treatment take less than a minute to complete.

When the chosen treatment is finished, the shoes are dried within the chamber. Here, any excess particles are collected in an active coal filter, which means that the IMBOX is safe to use

How IMBOX can benefit you

We have earned the trust of customers worldwide, with more than 30 million treatments sold annually.

Leveraging our vast experience, we can craft a personalized business case for you, highlighting the profound influence IMBOX can have on your business. IMBOX not only drives customer retention but also boosts accessory sales. See for your self.

How to work the IMBOX


Place shoes in the machine


Close the door


Select the program


Press "Protect"

What shoes can the IMBOX treatment protect?

It’s important to protect footwear every season as there are always weather challenges that wear the footwear out.

Running shoes, boots and sandals, as well as colorful stilettoes, will stay more protected with IMBOX. Only shoes entirely made of rubber or from patent leather will not achieve an effect.

The fluid used in the IMBOX treatment is colorless and will not affect the color of the shoes. This makes the treatment ideal for the protection and treatment of white shoes and white sneakers, which are more exposed than other shoes.

What is the IMBOX all-inclusive service?

IMBOX is all-inclusive concept based on a rental agreement where we, IMBOX Protection, provide everything needed.

We will deliver and install the machines as well as provide fluid refill at any given time.

Afterwards, we will make sure that the machines are always up and running with professional help from our local service providers.

The all-inclusive service includes support and sales training as well as marketing materials to ensure IMBOX will be a profitable service, and the focus for you always is on your core business and customers.

Having IMBOX in-store does not require further resources from the staff as the service is offered while the purchase is being made.

Benefits of having an IMBOX?

Here are some important ways IMBOX can help your business:

  • Providing quick and easy footwear protection service for every season
  • Expanding market for accessories
  • An all-inclusive service
  • Brings customers back to the store
  • Increase higher service level and additional sales

We are trusted by retailers by some of the world’s biggest brands. Explore how our parnters have increased sales, maximied store turnover and benefited from the IMBOX.

The safe use of the IMBOX

One of many questions is if the IMBOX treatment is safe to use. The answer is yes, the treatment is completely safe to use for both employees who operate it and customers who wear the shoes.

The IMBOX treatment process is Allergy Certified. It has a low energy consumption, and the liquid is 100% free from carcinogens and Nanotechnology. An active coal filter is used to collect any excess particles as the since the treatment itselft takes place within the box.

The IMBOX machine, which is manufactured under strict Danish quality controls, has been thoroughly tested and approved according to high standards regarding safety, health and environmental protection.

Where to find an IMBOX?

If you are curious about experiencing an IMBOX or if you want to IMBOX your footwear, you can locate the  nearest IMBOXs right here.

IMBOX is in 32 countries spread worldwide and in more than 7000 stores.

More than 30 million treatments are performed every year and bring an additional in-demand service to retail customers.

Understand how the IMBOX help customers with increasing sales and moving online customers into physical store here.

If you want to know more

Hopefully, this helped to understand how the IMBOX treatment can protect footwear more effectively and sustainably.

If you still have unanswered questions or if you want to know about how the IMBOX can help your business grow, please contact us so we can help and guide you.

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