Shortage of talented workers in retail

Today's world stage presents more challenges than anyone could have possibly imagined. The energy crisis and inflation are affecting most industries, while retail stores are also struggling with attracting talented and dedicated staff in Europe and the United States.

Almost 1 in 3 retailers have been concerned about labour shortages in 2022. It was reported that 72% of business owners are undergoing or are planning to automate a variety of processes to decrease staff manual tasks and fill in the gaps.

The main three areas of optimization within retail include communication with the customers, customers loyalty programs and streamlining processes to improve order tracking.  

Main areas of optimization in retail and the IMBOX logo

Customers want more from retail

Finding and recruiting qualified employees becomes more difficult as customer expectations grow simultaneously. 80% of customers expect to receive personalised services from retail stores.

IMBOX provides an excellent opportunity to help footwear retailers add a service to the store that will engage customers without adding additional pressure to the store staff.

Incited customer attention

IMBOX helps initiate a dialog with the customer by simply asking at the register "Do you want to have your shoes IMBOXED?”, which will catch customer attention. Having customers ask directly means that they will pay attention to the answer.

If they decide to benefit from our shoe protection service, it will give a sales assistant an additional 60 seconds to engage in the conversation that can lead to either a sale or a positive experience. It is during this time that the staff can discuss shoe care routines and offer other footwear accessories that consequently increase basket size at the register.

Customers expect personalized experience, but over 80% of shoppers feel that they are better informed about the products than store assistants. IMBOX is a great way to help fight that prejudice by simply having more opportunities to engage with clients while they are in the store.

IMBOX is a service that protects footwear in stores, meaning that it will also help drive customer retention, and thereby create a loyal customer base.

Imbox is a powerful solution that allows you to optimize most of the critical areas of your retail operations. Find out more about IMBOX by downloading the product catalogue.