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Find out how Imbox can help your business grow

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The IMBOX is offered with a rental agreement, providing you with an all-inclusive service.

If you are interested in learning more, you can request a personalized business case by filling out this form.

All shoes – from running shoes and hiking boots to your favourite pair of sandals – will benefit from the IMBOX treatment. Even your indoor shoes, like a pair of slippers, can be protected from a spilt cup of coffee.

Only shoes made of rubber (like rubber boots) or entirely made from patent leather will not achieve an effect from the treatment.

The IMBOX treatment is also recommended for used shoes. Many of our partners experience customers coming back to their stores, bringing their shoes for a treatment.

A service technician will make sure your IMBOX is installed properly. As part of your rental agreement, you get all-inclusive service including installation, fluid refill, and much more.