3 Easy steps to clean white sneakers

You can spot white sneakers in almost every cityscape. White sneakers or white trainers are a timeless fashion classic.

However, maintaining their polished appearance can be quite a challenge.

By understanding the importance of proper care, you can extend the lifespan of your white sneakers while maintaining their fresh and stylish appearance. Keep reading to get the secret of keeping your sneakers white.

With a few simple steps, you can protect your white sneakers and prevent them from turning dirty and tattered too soon.

How to keep white sneakers white:

  1. Clean your sneakers
  2. Locate an IMBOX
  3. Give your white sneakers an IMBOX treatment

Step one: Clean your sneakers

If your shoes are brand-new, you can skip this point and go straight to step two.

The first thing you should do is clean your white sneakers. Remove all excess dirt with either water and soap or cleaning wipes.

Cleaning sneakers is essential for maintaining the sneaker’s appearance. Besides, cleaning helps extend the sneaker’s lifetime while preventing odor and bacteria.

Step two: Locate an IMBOX near you

The next thing you should do is locate your nearest IMBOX. With IMBOX, you can protect your white sneakers against stains, water and dirt. The protection also helps prevent bleaching from the sun and staining from grass.

It’s easy to find an IMBOX, just use the IMBOX locater.

IMBOX is in 32 countries worldwide with more than 7.000 stores having an IMBOX, so it will be easy for you to find one near you.

Step three: Give your white sneakers an IMBOX treatment

Remember to bring your white sneakers when locating your IMBOX store and going down to your local footwear store.

You can also bring other shoes such as sandals and other summer shoes. This way, you will be ready to face summer’s many challenges that can outwear your shoes.

In the store, turn to the store staff and ask for the IMBOX treatment. Then the staff will help you.

The IMBOX treatment takes less than a minute. The shoes will be ready to wear immediately after the treatment and then you can go on with your plans for the day.

And now wear your white sneakers

The shoes will be ready to wear immediately after the treatment and then you can go on with your plans for the day.

By investing time and effort in protecting, cleaning, and caring for our sneakers, we extend their lifespan and ensure they remain in top condition for longer. And more importantly, by embracing a more sustainable and viable approach, we can care for our footwear, the planet and one another.


IMBOX is the world’s only in-store shoe protection service. With an innovative approach, footwear protection is made easier now.

The IMBOX protects not only sneakers but also high heels, boots, running shoes and many other shoes.

It’s important always to protect all your shoes, and that’s why the IMBOX treatment can be used for every season so your shoes can resist the sun’s UV rays, stains from grass, the salt’s hardness and the mud’s dirtiness.

Why protect with IMBOX?


Shoe protection for every season


Protects against water, stains, dirt and color fading


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