Season: How to protect shoes for springtime

There’s a warm breeze in the air and the flowers and trees start to bloom. Spring is upon us. This beautiful season brings lighter days, warmer days and more joy. But beauty has its flipside.

With the blossoming spring comes the pollen. Besides irritation to those who have pollen allergies, it settles like a thin layer on your canvas shoes. Invisible to the eye, but still enough to fade out the colour on your shoes little by little. There's nothing more damaging than your brand-new white sneakers look outworn after a few weeks because of the weather.

To prevent your shoes from appearing old before time unfold the world of proper shoe protection with theses subjects:

  • The impact of spring weather on your shoes
  • It's time for outdoor activities
  • Springtime tips with IMBOX
  • What does IMBOX protect against?
  • Safeguarding sneakers and sandals with IMBOX
  • AllergyCertified and PFAS-free treatment
  • Where can I IMBOX my shoes?
  • How does the IMBOX treatment work?
  • Storing shoes, the right way

The impact of spring weather on your shoes

Spring is an unpredictable season. Just as the autumn weather brings everything on the weather barometer, you never know what spring might bring you. Sometimes it's too early to stack away the winter boots and sometimes you can’t be too fast bringing out your sandals and wedges.

One thing to be sure of is that it will rain and with the rain comes mud. Besides making your socks and feet wet, frequent rain and muddy streets can damage your shoes.

Spring also means that the trees give off pollen, something thats not only challenges those with allergies but also damages footwear over time. By coloring the footwear their appearances make them look outworn before time. 

The sun's UV rays may give you a tan but in the same way, they affect the shoes by fading out the colur. It's something that's make your white sneakers look not so white anymore.

Almost every type of footwear is used during this time when the temperature slowly rises and the landscape shapes; from boots to ballerina shoes to sandals. This is also the season sneakerheads love the most because it's not too warm and not too cold, but the perfect temperature to air the coolest kicks.

It's time for outdoor activities

Sports enthusiasts participating in outdoor activities are undoubtedly thrilled as the warmer weather signals the beginning of the outdoor season. However, engaging in these outdoor pursuits, whether it's kicking around in the grass, jumping on gravel, running through mud piles, or even sitting on horseback, can significantly impact the condition of your footwear.

No matter the type of footwear - whether it's football boots, running shoes or riding boots - ensuring the protection and maintenance of your beloved shoes becomes crucial. The diverse terrain and unpredictable weather during spring bring unique challenges to outdoor activities and without proper care, your shoes may suffer premature wear and tear.

Springtime tips with IMBOX

Whether you’re wearing warm footwear or summer shoes, shoe maintenance is challenging during springtime. Water and mud can be cleaned off your sneakers, but frequently mud can damage as well as fade out the colour ahead of time. But with the right tips and tricks, you can ensure that your spring footwear stays protected and looks fresh throughout the season.

IMBOX is the easy and convenient way to safeguard all the shoes you wear this spring. The treatment is both AllergyCertified and PFAS-free, ensuring safety, comfort and confidence. In less than a minute you’ll have premium-protected shoes ready to join the careless days in the spring.

You can IMBOX almost every footwear from your New Balance sneakers to thong wedge sandals and your Hoka running shoes. Give some IMBOX love to your wedges, ballerina and boots as well.

The only footwear that doesn’t benefit from the treatment is rubber shoes and crocs.

What does IMBOX protect against?

  • It repels water, dirt and mud.
  • It protects against salt and stains.
  • It prevents colour fading from the sun’s UV rays.
  • Most importantly, it’s an all-year shoe protection.

Safeguarding sneakers and sandals with IMBOX

While protecting your shoes from the weather and tears of the spring, IMBOX helps to life-prolonging your shoes. The treatment safeguards and lasts up to 6 weeks meaning that your favourites will be given extra life.

The best part of the IMBOX treatment is that it’s not limited by season or weather challenges. It’s an all-year shoe protection service that you can benefit from whether there’s dust from pollen in the spring, sunlight and sea salt in the summer, rain and mud in the autumn or snow and ice in the winter.

Dive further into the world of Imbox Protection right here.

Allergy Certified and PFAS-free treatment

The innovative IMBOX formula is developed to be a safer choice for people and the planet. The IMBOX treatment is AllergyCertified and the liquid is PFAS-free. All active ingredients are REACH compliant and have a lower energy consumption. These certificates ensure that IMBOX meets stringent standards for allergen safety and environmental sustainability, providing peace of mind for users concerned about harmful chemicals and pollutants.

The IMBOX is designed and manufactured in Denmark. We take high pride in the product as it encapsulates several challenges and needs in the same product; A technological product that with its innovative formula safeguards shoes all year round with a more professional method.

Where can I IMBOX my shoes?

Use our IMBOX Locator to find an IMBOX near you.

Currently, IMBOX is present in 33 countries spanning from Europe to Japan and the US. We have teamed up with some of the strongest and most present retailers like Deichmann, Stadium, Humanic and Snipes.

Our boxes give more than 35 mio. Treatments each year. This means that millions of IMBOXed shoes are running out there safeguarded from rain, muddy trails, sea salt and snow.

How does the IMBOX treatment work?

Take your shoes, old or new, down to one of our partners’ stores. Before applying the IMBOX treatment, it’s essential to clean and prepare your shoes properly. Remove any dirt or debris from the surface using a gentle brush or cloth. For stubborn stains consider using a shoe cleaner. Finish with a toothbrush to ensure your shoes are clean and ready for treatment.

When you're down at your local store, go and ask the store staff to help you with the IMBOX treatment. The knowledgeable staff will help you choose the right treatment for your footwear.

In no time – less than a minute, to be accurate – your shoes will have premium protection. Now, your shoes will appear fresh and safeguarded for up to six weeks from the spring challenges.

Storing shoes, the right way

When it’s finally time to say goodbye to the snow and it’s become too hot for winter boots with a lining, think twice before putting your footwear away. Because how you store them reflects on what condition they’ll be in when you need them again in autumn and winter.

It’s important to store your shoes in a cool, dry place away from direct sunlight and moisture. If you have the space, also avoid overcrowding your shore storage area to allow perfect air circulation and prevent mold. If you have knee-high boots or shoes with a long shaft it can be tricky to storage them correctly. An easy and cheap lifehack is to use a rolled-up newspaper or magazine inside the shoe to maintain their shape.

There are plenty of storage options from shelves to hanging racks, so dive deep and find something that works for you.

Remember to IMBOX every season

Remember, that IMBOX isn't limited to a specific season. You can use the treatment whenever it's springtime, summer, autumn or winter. Go down to your store and treat your footwear with the IMBOX treatment. 

Take your faveourite sneakers, sandals or trainers under the arm - clean from dirt - and IMBOX them every 6th week.

Gear up your shoe game for spring