Improving the customer experience with customization

Creating an engaging and consistent customer experience is essential in today's retail. Especially with the modern, tech-savvy consumer, it is important to consider how to stand out among the tough competition.

To stand out, you must provide your customer with something unique. Something that feels like it is tailored to their needs and selected especially for them. Something that engages and excites them and hopefully turns them into loyal ambassadors for your brand.

One way to engage your customers is by creating a personalized experience.

By creating a personalized experience, you can turn a regular shopping trip into an intriguing event. A study from McKinsey states that companies, that are able to personalize the customer experience across physical and digital channels, can achieve a 5-15 % revenue increase across the full customer base.

Stand out by letting your customers be the designer.

Don't sell a product – sell an experience

The internet is booming with opportunities for customized products. Platforms like Etsy specialize in private retailers, who create anything from artwork to jewelry based on customers' personal wishes.

By letting your customers tap into their own creativity, you don't just provide them with a product – you provide them with an experience. Your customer receives a unique piece that might spark interest and conversation among their friends.

Getting the customer involved and giving them the opportunity to express themselves can develop a positive relationship with the brand. Here we look at some brands who let their customers release their inner designer with in-store customization.

Nike By You – classic sneakers with a tailored twist

On their website Nike invites people to release their inner designer and customize their own pair of sneakers. Customers have a wide variety of selections in everything from style and material to colour and text – right down to the laces.

To design a pair of sneakers, customers must log onto their Nike Member account. This provides the brand with valuable information about the customer, making it easier to personalize the customer experience going forward.

In case customer prefer seeing their designs up close, Nike has expanded their concept. At selected stores (e.g. in Manila, Philippines or Melbourne, Australia) customers can personalize their sneakers, as well as t-shirts and tote bags right in the shop.

Samples are displayed in the store, giving the opportunity to see and feel the fabric before they press "add to cart". The finished shoes are shipped to the customer's own address, and styles can be saved and shared with other users online.

With this in-store solution, customers get the quality stamp that comes with the Nike brand. Making one-of-a-kind shoes becomes part of the in-store experience.

Source: Nike

Uniqlo UTME! – designing in-store or at home

Fashion retailer Uniqlo has teamed up with designers and illustrators to create unique collaborations, ranging from t-shirts to tote bags. This, in itself, is nothing new. What sets Uniqlo apart is the opportunity for customers to add their personal touch by submitting their own designs.

The UTME! customization program encourages customers to express their creativity. You can choose from the local artists or create your own design. There is also an option to design at home and send the image to the local store.

After the design is complete, the staff print the final product. The printing and heat press takes approximately 10 minutes, meaning that the customer doesn't have to wait long before they can wear their new shirt or bag.

The quick and easy service makes it convenient for customers to create a personal item. By tapping into omnichannel, Uniqlo creates a broad chance for customers to express their creativity and create a thorough customer experience.

Source: Uniqlo

How can IMBOX become part of the in-store experience?

With IMBOX, you save your customers the hassle of protecting their shoes at home. The machines are quick and easy to use – the treatment takes less than a minute, and shoes are ready to go right away. Your customers can keep their new shoes looking great for longer with the proper care. You can dive into the IMBOX machine right here.

The IMBOX is a great supplement to your current accessories sales and provides a complete service experience right in the store. By making sure your customers get the best treatment for their new footwear, you improve the overall in-store experience.