How new technology creates a unique customer experience

The rise of e-commerce is constantly creating new shopping behaviours. With the technological evolution at full speed, business owners need to be quick on their digital feet if they want a first prize in the omnichannel race.

A recurring highlight from Sailthru’s 2022 retail personalization index is that digital and in-store experiences should be linked but, in most cases, are not. Bridging the gap between your online and offline channels and creating a solid omnichannel has become necessary.

The essence of omnichannel is to create the best and a cohesive experience across channels, to ensure the best experience for your customers.

In this post, we will look at some of the trends in interesting omnichannel cases and how IMBOX can play a part in your in-store experience.

Some benefits of a strong omnichannel:


  • Greater reach – you’ll reach your customers where they are, and your shop will only be a few clicks away.
  • Increased profit – when customers are ready to buy, they will find it easier if your products are available on more channels.
  • Better customer satisfaction – your customers will be happier in the long term if they can easily find and purchase your products and have several methods to do so.

How to get online customers into your store

When it comes to online shopping, most customers identify themselves early on. They might even leave their e-mail, making it easy for you to contact them again with follow up questions or special offers.

In this scenario, the brick-and-mortar stores are somewhat uncharted territory. Customers can enter your store, make a purchase, and leave without ever identifying themselves or leaving any contact information.

Imagine if you could have the same benefits from the online experience. If they leave an e-mail or log on to their online profile, you can get the information you need to recommend and guide your customers to the right products or have them come back to your store.

This can be done – with the right in-store technology.

Here are some examples on how technology can take your in-store experience to the next level.


Timberland, famous for their hiking boots, has introduced digital installations in their stores to help customers learn more about their products. The outdoor lifestyle brand merges their online and offline channels by equipping their customers with tablets.

You might first think of the classic, tan hiking boot when you think of Timberland. The digital experience aims to show what else the brand has to offer.

Customers can find related items, swipe through catalogues, and find inspiration. If they find anything they like, they can add items to a personal collection, make notes and save favourites – many of the same features you’ll find on an online shopping platform.

The purpose is to create value for customers by connecting online shopping habits with the in-store experience.

Source: Digiday


Oasis - Supporting sales staff with modern technology

U.K. fashion retailer Oasis combines their e-commerce site, mobile app, and brick-and-mortar stores into a simple shopping experience. When customers walk into one of the stores, they are met by sales associates ready with tablets to give valuable and updated information on their products.

The tablet also acts as a cash register, creating the same feeling as the website, where you don’t have to wait in an actual line at the till – one click, and you are ready to go. If the desired item is out of stock, it can be ordered and delivered to the customer’s home.

The brand also implements a customer loyalty program, making the customer more inclined to identify themselves, e.g., to earn points or redeem a benefit. According to a study from Bond Brand Loyalty, 78% of surveyed customers said loyalty programs made them more likely to shop with a certain brand, and 64% said that they buy extra to maximize points.

Source: Hubspot

Would you like IMBOX as part of your in-store experience?

With IMBOX, you provide your customers with the opportunity to have their footwear protected from water, stains, dirt, colour fading and much more. The service can play a valuable part in improving your in-store service, and creates the opportunity for a wellplanned customer journey.

The in-store service encourages customers to visit the shop – they might even bring in an older shoes, to prolong the lifetime of a favorite pair. The IMBOX is quick and easy to operate – the treatment takes less than a minute, and the shoes are ready to go right away. This ensures that you provide the complete service experience, without adding complexity at the point of sale.

We have teamed up with over 7,000 stores in 33 different countries.

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