As Halloween approaches, there are numerous ways to celebrate the spookiest of holidays. These are some of our top ideas to celebrate the holiday.


If you want to avoid the crowded streets and bars, opt for a horror marathon. Get all your close friends together for the night of scary classics such as "The Exorcist", "Hocus Pocus", "Friday the 13th" or "Halloween". The options are endless, so you will have no trouble finding plenty of classic movies that will make you and your friends afraid of their own shadow. If you stay in, you will likely get snacks, sodas & other "bloody" sweets and snacks that will leave unwanted stains on your favourite slippers. Make sure that doesn't happen by IMBOXING your favorite home shoes and slippers.


For big Halloween enthusiasts, the holiday can't pass by without the traditional trick or treating. Whether you are dressed as a friendly ghost, wild animal or a cartoon character, your everyday footwear is at risk of getting damaged by either mud or makeup. If you're planning to fill up the bags with candies this year, you better have your costume ready and your shoes IMBOXED. That way, you'll only have candy, great memories and clean shoes left after October 31st.


Putting on a party outfit is always a good idea, but adding a few scary touches makes for a night to remember. No matter if you're going to a house party or a club, you shouldn't worry about the splatters on your favourite smart shoes.


Last but not least, Halloween wouldn't be complete without decorating the house with spooky pumpkins and ornaments. Get into the scary mood and start the craftsmanship with the seasonal pumpkins already today.”

Are you ready to IMBOX your shoes before Halloween?