IMBOX Flagship wins Red Dot Award 2024

We are thrilled to announce incredible news. IMBOX Flagship has been awarded the prestigious Red Dot Award for Product Design 2024.

This recognition is an honour, and we are humbled to accept this prestigious award. The Red Dot jury highlighted IMBOX Flagships' minimalist aesthetic, highlighting its clean lines and seamless integration. They were impressed by the Flagship's innovative approach to automating in-store shoe care. This not only streamlines the customer experience but also significantly reduces the workload on sales staff while increasing customer service. Freed from time-consuming manual tasks, staff can now dedicate their attention to providing personalized customer service and high-value interactions.

With sales staff and customer experience in focus

"We are honored to accept this award and the jury's recognition is something we're truly grateful for. This validation fuels our passion to keep pushing boundaries in the evolving landscape of retail. This award motivates us to continue innovating and developing innovative technology for a more seamless and efficient shoe care experience”, says René Marker, CEO of Imbox Protection.

"Imbox Protection embodies our passion for creating solutions that enhance the customer experience and revolutionize shoe care delivery and perception. We want to support retailers in every step we can."

Winning the Red Dot Award for Product Design 2024 is a powerful validation of our commitment to exceptional design and functionality. It further motivates us to continue passionately pushing boundaries and make shoe care not only effective but also effortless every step of the way.

The Red Dot Award is a globally recognized symbol of design excellence. This prestigious competition is open to businesses that leverage design to elevate their operations.

IMBOX Flagship

IMBOX Flagship is one of our globally patented shoe protection solutions for retailers. The innovative technology provides professional footwear protection along with a unique in-store experience.

The IMBXOX treatment remains safe, quick and easy to use. the uniquely developed fluid is water-based, giving a completely organic protection. The technology contributes to the precise application of protection and minimizes waste.

It takes under a minute to apply the IMBOX treatment and protects against water, dirt, stains and colour fading from UX rays.