Global Footwear Protection Leader

Press release April 16th, 2024

IMBOX Protection, Global Footwear Protection Leader, Accelerates U.S. Growth for 2024 Building on Success in 33 Countries Performing 150 Million Treatments To Date.

SNIPES and Dillard’s lead U.S. footwear retailers installing IMBOX treatment systems.

IMBOX Protection, the world's only in-store footwear protection technology, is prioritizing U.S. growth as part of its global expansion plans for 2024 building on its success in 33 countries and reaching a milestone of performing 150 million treatments since the company’s founding. IMBOX Protection treatments provide weather and stain-resistant applications maintaining shoe appearance, durability, and performance. In the U.S., IMBOX Protection can now be found nationwide from Los Angeles to New York City with retail partners including Dillard’s, Scheels, and SNIPES and through a pilot program with Famous Footwear. IMBOX Protection’s patented technology is an eco-friendly solution for consumers and retailers eliminating single-use cans.

“IMBOX Protection is becoming a must-have service for footwear retailers in the United States, and we are capitalizing on this growing demand as American consumers seek to protect their shoe purchases,” said Oliver Hede, vice president of North American sales. “With the increased return to in-store shopping, driven by influential Gen-Z shoppers, demand for our technology by retailers and consumers is surging.”

IMBOX Protection systems in the U.S. dispense a proprietary PFA-free, water-based formula through a modern box located in the footwear department of retailers. The treatment offers best-in-class protection from outside elements in one minute. Exclusive technology guarantees precise application, drying, and heating tailored to the specific needs of each shoe and protects suede, leather, textile, nubuck, and synthetic components, among others. After the treatment is completed in-store, shoes are ready for immediate wear.


“IMBOX Protection elevates shopping experiences for consumers, while increasing the frequency and duration of in-store shopping trips for the retailer’s benefit,” says Martin Kolloch at Snipes.

“The IMBOX system meets top consumer priorities by prolonging the performance and durability of footwear, improving customer satisfaction, and helping our planet in the process.”


We’ve seen IMBOX Protection become the trusted footwear protection brand of Europe and Asia, for more than a decade, so to see U.S. retail members embrace this offering is a strong sign of progress and innovation,” says Andy Polk, senior vice president at Footwear Distributors and Retailers of America (FDRA).

IMBOX systems evolve the in-store experience by enhancing merchandising efforts bringing more value to customer engagement and by creating a deeper customer interaction.”

Allergy Certified and PFAS-free protection

As more retailers prioritize sustainable solutions, components, and practices, IMBOX Protection’s PFA-free formula reduces environmental impact. IMBOX Protection holds CE (Conformité Européenne/European Conformity) and UL (Underwriters Laboratories) certifications, signifying compliance with safety and environmental standards mandated for the European market (CE) and more broadly for overall safety in the U.S. (UL).

IMBOX Protection also holds RSL's (Restricted Substances List) Approvals, which serve as third-party confirmation of the absence of restricted substances in their products.

The Restricted Substance List (RSL) has been meticulously designed to offer apparel and footwear companies comprehensive information concerning regulations and laws that govern the use of specific chemicals and substances in finished home textile, apparel, and footwear products globally.

About Imbox Protection

Launched in 2011 in Denmark as a more sustainable and convenient alternative to protecting shoes, IMBOX Protection is the world’s only in-store footwear protection technology service using a safe and environmentally friendly treatment to protect against water damage, dirt, stains, and color fade.

IMBOX Protection has more than 7,500 units in retail stores globally selling more than 35 million treatments a year with trusted footwear retailers and partners.

Based on surging demand in Europe and Japan, IMBOX Protection has expanded availability in the U.S. with a North American headquarters in Chicago. The PCT patent-protected technology is designed, developed, and manufactured in Denmark. Retailers can learn more about IMBOX Protection and its in-store footwear protection solution at