IMBOX is a plug-and-play complete shoe protection solution which allows you to dedicate yourself to your core business – selling footwear - and at the same time raise sales with a minimum of effort as no extra resources are needed.

Your business gets a growth driver and a competitive advantage with the IMBOX in your stores, allowing you to boost add-on sales of your sprays and shoe care products by offering the Imbox protection.

With the IMBOX you get a profitable service for your shoe stores adding value for you and your customers.

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The IMBOX is the best in-store footwear protection service on the market. The treatment takes place in a closed box – the IMBOX – in the shoe stores, and the IMBOX is completely safe to use and environmentally friendly footwear protection. The treatment takes less than a minute, and the footwear is ready to wear immediately after. 

Superior quality

Our uniquely developed formulation ensures professional protection, which prolongs the lifetime of the footwear. The IMBOX professional protection that makes footwear become water and dirt repellent, protect against stains, protect from damages, and colour fading from UV rays.

Allergy certified treatment

The IMBOX liquid is 100% FREE from carcinogenics, Nanotechnology and other harmful substances. The IMBOX treatment process is allergy certified, and there has never been an allergic reaction related to the IMBOX in any way, shape or form.

Superior Quality

IMBOX Protection is superior quality treatment.

Our uniquely developed formulation ensures professional protection done in less than a minute in stores.

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"Our image as a footwear professional is reinforced by this new service. IMBOX is a safe and environmentally friendly service, which gives us the status of a "green" company.”

Charly Maillet, Manager


IMBOX Protection is an in-store shoe protection service offered in footwear retail stores. The simple plug-and-play solution provides you with the possibility to offer your customers premium quality footwear protection right in your stores.

The IMBOX is easy to use. Simply place the footwear in the machine, select the program, and in less than 60 seconds, the shoes are ready to wear. The machine works by spraying the shoes inside a chamber, ensuring even coverage.

If you would like to see how it is done, we have a short video showing the process.

All shoes will benefit from the IMBOX treatment. Only rubber boots and shoes made entirely from patent leather will not get an effect from the treatment.

The treatment protects footwear from the elements of everyday life. The IMBOX treatment not only protects your shoes from water and dirt but also colour fading from the sun and stains from food, beverages, salt and much more. Outdoor shoes are the most popular choice, but even indoor shoes, like slippers or party shoes, will benefit from the IMBOX treatment.

Yes – the fluid is colourless and will not affect the colour of your shoes. In fact, the IMBOX treatment provides excellent shoe protection for white shoes by protecting them from dirt, stains, etc.

Yes - the treatment works perfectly on suede shoes, as well as canvas, leather, fabric, and other materials.

There are currently more than 6000 IMBOXs in 25 countries. Use our store locator to find the nearest IMBOX.

The IMBOX is completely safe to use for both the employees and customers.

IMBOX is manufactured under strict Danish quality controls. It has been tested and approved according to high standards regarding safety, health, and environmental protection.

The IMBOX treatment is Allergy Certified, and there has never been an allergic reaction related to the IMBOX in any way, shape, or form.

The IMBOX is safe to use and environmentally friendly. The liquid is 100% free from carcinogens, Nanotechnology, and other harmful substances.

With the IMBOX, the treatment takes place in a closed box, and any excess particles are collected in an active coal filter, making the IMBOX safe to use.

If you are interested in making IMBOX part of your assortment, you can contact us here.