At Imbox Protection a sustainable business is important and we aim to integrate the way we do business into the UN Sustainable Development Goals relevant to our industry and our operations.


The IMBOX is created to better the world of footwear protection in an environmentally friendly way.

The Imbox treatment takes place inside the box, and any excess particles are collected in an active coal filter making the IMBOX safe to use.

The IMBOX Treatment process is environmentally friendly, and it has low energy consumption. The Treatment liquid is free from OPEO, NPEO, PFOS, PFOA, PFDA, PFNA, any form of nanotechnology and other harmful substances. Furthermore, the IMBOX Treatment Process is Allergy Certified.

It is completely safe to use the IMBOX for the employees working in the shoe stores and customers. Safe for people and the planet.



The concern for the climate is at heart at IMBOX Protection A/S with our environmentally friendly IMBOX. 

The IMBOX is Danish design and each IMBOX is manufactured in Northern Denmark under strict quality controls.

The IMBOX has been tested and approved according to high standards regarding safety, health and environmental protection.


IMBOX helps our customers in reducing the environmental impacts and carbon emissions in the protection and care stages of the footwear lifecycle.

With IMBOX you as a retailer can take an active part in working towards the UN sustainable development goals and position your business in accordance with your customers growing demands for environmentally friendly solutions and companies.

IMBOX affords you the opportunity to offer your customers a sustainable choice when it comes to shoecare. Furthermore, the IMBOX support your business by increasing your add on-sales and your customer's basket size.