Imbox Protection A/S have entered the French market with a new, exciting collaboration with Chaussexpo. This means the Imbox now can be found in 183 Chaussexpo stores across all of France.

Chaussexpo has existed since 1815 and is one of the oldest footwear retailers in France, offering great quality and fashionable footwear for the entire family.

We are very much looking forward to the collaboration with Chaussexpo.

Locate your nearest Chaussexpo store with an Imbox through our Imbox Locator.

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Imbox Protection A/S – formerly Imbox ShoeCare A/S


As a result of a greater rebranding strategy, we are changing our brand name and visual identity to Imbox Protection A/S. Our new visual identity has been designed to secure consistency with our brand values as well as underlining our Nordic roots and our innovative and environmentally friendly Imbox machine. Furthermore, the change is to mirror our vision of the company as well as for the support of our future and growth.

What’s next?

The new visual identity of Imbox Protection A/S will be updated across all materials over the next months. Make sure to follow us on LinkedIn and Facebook to stay updated on exciting things to come.




The 5th of November 2019 we at IMBOX ShoeCare A/S were awarded the FremstillingsGazelle 2019 by Børsen, the Danish financial newspaper. The award is given to a company in the manufacturing industry which through development and innovation has strengthened its production and its market.

We are at IMBOX proud of the achievement which is a great recognition of the IMBOX, the world’s only environmentally friendly in-store shoe protection solution, as well as it being a testimony of the dedicated IMBOX team driving results for all our loyal customers.



For the second year in a row we have been awarded the “Gazelle” from Børsen, the Danish financial newspaper. To be selected, a company must among others have experienced tremendous growth.

We at Imbox ShoeCare A/S are proud to once again have been awarded the Gazelle as a recognition of our dedicated team and great, loyal customers, and lets this remind us to continuously work hard towards growing our customers shoe-care business.

At IMBOX ShoeCare A/S we received the Gazelle because of our growth rate, which is also a testimony of the IMBOX being a great business opportunity and growth driver for our customers.

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IMBOX ShoeCare awarded the Gazelle 2019



Again this year we at IMBOX ShoeCare A/S are taking part in the fight against cancer by supporting “Knæk Cancer”. The campaign is a collaboration between Danish broadcasting company TV2 and the Danish Cancer Society “Kræftens Bekæmpelse”.

All donations contribute to research and prevention of cancer as well as support for cancer patients and their relatives.

IMBOX ShoeCare support Knæk Cancer 2019



The campaign is a collaboration between Danish broadcasting company TV2 and The Danish society for Nature Conservation, and focuses on conserving the Danish forests by planting new trees. Furthermore, the campaign focuses on preserving endangered forests in Denmark and abroad.

The aim is to take action against climate change and, by replanting and preserving forests, to have a positive impact on the environment.


At Imbox ShoeCare A/S we are supporting the campaign “Danmark planter træer” with what equals to 500 newly planted trees.

The campaign is a great initiative which matches the Imbox ShoeCare value of social responsibility.

The IMBOX shoe protection treatment is environmentally friendly and harmless to people. The treatment liquid is free from harmful substances, and the protection process is done securely inside a chamber. Any excess mist is filtered and collected in a disposable filter making the protection process totally safe for the environment.

Learn more about the environmentally friendly benefits of the IMBOX.

IMBOX ShoeCare støtter Danmark Planter Træer 2019