The Worlds Only In-store Footwear Protection Solution

On a day in 2011 a sales employee in a shoe store mentioned her concerns about the shoe care solutions available at the time. These health and quality issues sparked an idea and a wish for solving the problem, and this was the very start of IMBOX Protection A/S.

The IMBOX is created to protect our shoes, people and the planet. The IMBOX concept is revolutionizing the market for footwear protection by offering a unique in-store service which in less than a minute gives footwear a professional quality protection.


The best, easiest and most sustainable protection of footwear on the market

The IMBOX is developed to better the world of footwear protection.

The treatment takes place in a closed box – the IMBOX – in the shoe store, and with the unique IMBOX liquid, the treatment is safe for people and the planet.

The IMBOX concept has been approved by the Danish Working Environment Authority and tested by the Danish Technological Institute as well as by the German TÜV and Intertek.

At IMBOX Protection, we continuously work towards a more sustainable business.