In-store Shoe Protection Service

IMBOX is a plug-and-play complete solution which allows you to dedicate yourself to your core business and at the same time raise sales with no effort as no extra resources are needed.

Your business gets a growth driver and a competitive advantage with the IMBOX in your stores, allowing you to boost add-on sales of your sprays.

With the IMBOX you get a profitable service for your shoe stores adding value for you and your customers.

Bring customers back into your stores

With an IMBOX rental agreement for your business, you will get:


All-inclusive service

All-inclusive service of the IMBOXs by our local service partners

Training & Support

After-sales support and sales training to maximize your add-on sales and your customer's basket size

Marketing materials

Marketing material and a solution to strengthen your sustainable position

Requires no investment

You receive full support, and it requires no investment or any additional resources for you

Superior Quality

IMBOX Protection is superior quality treatment.

Our uniquely developed formulation ensures professional protection, which prolongs the lifetime of the footwear.

Shoe care that makes a difference

A responsible and sustainable business is always at the heart of Imbox Protection.

The IMBOX was created to better the world of footwear protection
and to be safe for people and the planet.