The IMBOX concept is offered with a rental agreement for your business and is an all-inclusive solution including service of the IMBOXs by local providers, support and training, marketing materials and much more.

You receive full support, and it requires no investment or any additional resources for you.



The IMBOX is a plug-and-play complete solution which allows you to dedicate yourself to your core business.

We deliver and install the machines at your stores, and we support your staff in learning how to use the IMBOX and sell the IMBOX treatments. Furthermore, the IMBOX solution includes service done by local service partners.



With your IMBOX rental agreement, you receive support and sales training for you to be able to offer the profitable IMBOX service. We help you with well-tested marketing materials and a solution to strengthen your sustainable position.



With the IMBOX rental agreement, you receive all-inclusive service of the IMBOXs by our local service partners making sure your IMBOXs are always up and running.

Unique service for omnichannel customers

With IMBOX you also get the opportunity to sell the IMBOX treatments as an online product on your webshop. This gives you a valuable tool to boost your revenue and at the same time, an opportunity to invite your customers back into your stores when their shoes need a new IMBOX treatment.


"IMBOX is providing our customers with a unique opportunity to prolong the life of their footwear. Bringing this service into all of our stores as well as our warehouse means that we can offer a thorough shoe protection across all of our omni touchpoints in a seamless customer journey."

Aleksander Nilsson, Head of Tech. Development & Omni-channel at Sportmaster, Denmark.

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"The Imbox shoe protection makes sense for every kind of shoes, no matter if sneaker, trekking or running shoes and ever since we have offered the Imbox service to every shoe customer, sales have gone up."

Jon Valli