“The IMBOX service has had an excellent impact on our overall accessory sales.

The convenience and protection offered by IMBOX makes it possible for us to provide our customers with a more complete service experience without adding complexity at the point of sale. The training and support provided by IMBOX to our store teams has been valuable in driving not only IMBOX sales but also keeping up the focus on sales of aerosols. Overall the service has been well received all year round and it can only have a positive effect on customer loyalty.”

The Buying Team
Deichmann Shoes UK Ltd



“At Humanic, we’ve been dedicated shoe traders for more than a century, continuously developing our business, and always providing excellent customer service.

IMBOX is a one-of-a-kind shoe protection, and is a very convenient service for the customer. It has been an important part of our business, and has proven to be a valuable addition that increases our customers’ shopping experience, and our stores accessories sales and profitability.

IMBOX is a fantastic tool to overcome one of today’s big challenges, to move the Internet customers into our physical stores, and it also comes with the benefit of being highly profitable as well as boosting the sale of accessories in general. IMBOX is an important part of Humanic´s future, boosting our profit and strengthening our relations with our customers."

Michaela Huber
Product Manager Accessories


"We got an IMBOX in the end of November 2017 and this has proven to be a great addition to our shop that gives our customers a better service as well as additional income for us. The Imbox shoe protection  makes sense for every kind of shoes, no matter if Sneaker, Trekking or Running shoes and ever since we have offered the Imbox service to every shoe customer, sales have gone up. In our first month alone we sold more than 600 treatments - fantastic additional sales.”

Jon Valli


"IMBOX is a unique customer service that gives our stores a competitive edge. It’s a professional service that we offer all our customers in our stores.

A concern for the company when we agreed to the IMBOX was that it would have a negative effect on aerosol sales. This was proven wrong, because IMBOX is a customer service and not a DIY product and all our staff members find it very easy to start the shoe care sales dialog.

Additional turnover and customer loyalty is what our company strives for and having the IMBOX in stores has helped us maintain this, with adding extra value to the customers."

Albert Setzger
Sales Manager


“We have had the IMBOX solution in our 200 shops for more than 4 years now and it has become an integrated part of our business.

The positive effect the IMBOX solution has on our sale of aerosols and other shoe care products is one of many most pleasant consequences we experience. The IMBOX solution creates customer attention towards shoe care – benefiting our total business.

Since we installed the IMBOX solution in all our stores we raised the price with 33% per treatment without any negative effect on the ever increasing sale. Customers keep coming back for the IMBOX solution – and at shoe-d-vision we are intending to continue actively use IMBOX as part of our customer service to grow long-term relationships with our customers.”

Peter Skovbakke


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